Do you find intellectual women to be boring?

If her idea of fun is watching economics debates or philosophy discussions or reading about politics, is that not super boring for most men? Opposed to hiking, sports, video games, etc.

A lot of men (not all) seem very physical/action-oriented and sometimes I get insecure about seeming too boring when dating. I'm open to trying different things and I have dabbled in some fun things like traveling and living abroad, hanging out with friends and playing games, etc. However, even my social interactions are sometimes viewed as "cerebral, intellectual, nerdy." I'm involved in political organizing, which sometimes involves a lot of reading groups, I like going to conversation groups to debate/discuss philosophical ideas and topics, etc.

I mean, I also like super messy, vulgar tv and music. I'm not a total mutant. Sometimes some men just take in all my intellectual traits and think I look down on normal shit, which isn't necessarily true. In the past, I didn't go to bars or clubs because I get insecure and anxious there, and that has been an issue with guys before. I'm a little more open now, but still far behind some people. They only see one side of me sometimes. Maybe that's partly my fault, as I do tend to lead with my intellect and that's just who I am, but it's not everything I am. This is kind of veering off the question topic, but I needed to vent lolol
Do you find intellectual women to be boring?
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