Is it time to move on?

There's a girl I've liked for 2 years at this point. I tried to ask her out summer of 2019 but she rejected me, at the time I was still in high school going into my last year while she was about to start university. She's an amazing genuine person, she's shy. But she is also adventurous like me, we share simmiliar values and have been pretty good friends (i wouldn't say besties) for about 4 years. We both also have simmiliar interests and are in the same program and both do well in school. We're both pilots and have loved flying for a long time. We recently went flying together and it made me realize something. I have been chasing all these other girls all this time just to get my mind off her, but deep down I truly still like her. I have dated 1 girl in early 2020 for a bit and broke up with her and never once did I feel the pain i remember i felt when this girl said she doesn't like me back the same way. What do you guys think? I'm scared to make a second attempt just because I feel like once you try, the only way is if they start looking you and they ask you out.

For background I'm a somewhat athletic nerd that is basically looking for a wife not just to date for fun and I hope to become an astronaut one day so I don't like a lot of girls just because I know I need to work hard and other girls (like my ex) are just emotional baggage that i cannot deal with if i ever wanna have a shot at success.
Is it time to move on?
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