Should I give up on my boyfriend and just moved on with my life?

Ok so my boyfriend and been together for 2 1/2 years, 1st year was good or what not. We moved in pretty quick but we manage to make it work. After the 1st year mark and a couple months we had a big fight and ended up going a separate ways, after 2 week not speakin ww started talking again and ww was on and off everytime i ask him what are we he couldnt say and tht i was basically rushing him when all i wanted to know, its whatsup with us since one day we good and the othe rhe ready to just boot me.
Dec last year i got tired of his bs and we got in a big fight again and i just left it as tht. didn't speak to him for 2 months he had a whole new relationship and i did too. He found out decide to call me to see whats up (iguess) we decide to get back together try work shit out. I started going to school, one night i decide to come home early from school and caught him with the girl he supposedly had left.
So i decide love out again maybe like 3 went by he call me again, what can i say i love him? Iguess try it again, and like a month or so i caught him in bed with her again, fought him and her. I know shouldn't but i was just pissed off. Left him again got my own place, maybe 3 weeks went by, try again and i know im dumb or stupid I don't know.
Caught him on fb talkin to a bunch of females, left him again. & well i guess now we trying again but now i have hella trust issues, and he always treat me like im not even his girl, has me block on fb, he always preferred to hang with his homeboys than me and im just ready to just say fuck it all but at the same time im scare to move on. I try to tell him how i feel about the way he treat me and all he ever saids its tht i am annoyed and always living in the past. I honestly dont know what to do, just need someone to tell me what the heck to do!
He always sending mix signals one day he loves me and another im annoyed, and supposedly have problem
Should I give up on my boyfriend and just moved on with my life?
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