Any chance in my situation with this girl?


I have seen this girl for about 2 month. everything was good in the first 1½ month. she showed me genue interest and i felt she and i was building up feelings for eachother. i have not dated anyone with this kinds of emotions for the last 8 years. We was both in it to find a serious partner/relation so things was pretty clear. We almost had communication with eachother everyday, but the last half month she began to feel distant so i gave her more space. We are not kids and i do not wish to be fooled around so at the end of the second month i asked her what she wanted out of this "relation" with me and she replied that she was not quite sure what she wanted at that point. at this point i didn't see any reason to continue, so i told her that if she was unsure i saw no point in the two of us to continue as we did. all of this ofcourse is a positive way. Se replied that she understood my decision and gave me some praising words and that i also meant a lot to her. a week later she contacted me again with a irrelevant question. I answered and as i could see on her messages she was a bit upset so I let the conversation die out. once again a week later the contacted me with another irrelevant question. Again, i did answer but after a message or 2 she stopped replying me. this is about 1½ week ago.
We live in 2 different countires and due to Corona the borders were shut down so we only had the opportunity to se eachother 2 times before this. i must admit that i have developed some feelings for this girl, and i really thought she had the same.
I know most of you would proably advise me to move on but this is the first girl in 8 years that have triggered something inside me like this and i want to try and "fight" for it since some days i still see an opportunity for it to work. Any advice on how to deal with my situation as it stands? - Thanks in advance and sorry for my bad English/Gramma.
Any chance in my situation with this girl?
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