When should a girl start looking for quality men? Are these men interested in younger partners?

First of all, I hope I don't offend anyone by using the word «quality», what I am referring is to is: someone who takes care of themselves, independent, looking for serious relationship...

I am 21 and I keep hearing how the men who look for a serious relationship are the ones that have finished their degree and have a job. Moreover, I have heard that they look for partners that are younger, women in their twenties. ¿Does this mean I have to now try meeting men who are older than 25? Guys my age don't think about this stuff, they are just looking to have a good time.

Us women we have this pressure to find someone ASAP because our «biological clock». And it really scares me the thought of being a 30-40 year old single woman who is living with her cats and has wrinkles. Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying is a bad thing, it's just that it's not for me. I feel like in our twenties is when we are more ambitious and active, in comparison to other ages. And I have seen that the majority of men lose interest in women when they are at their 30s/40s.

I have this dilemma because I am currently studying in uni. I have chosen a degree that takes a lot of hard work and study hours, therefore, since I don't have much social life I haven't gotten the chance to meet someone and be in a relationship. I have always wanted to have a better life than my upbringing, that's why I want to have a good job that will give me a comfortable life. And to be honest, I would like to meet someone with this same idea, to be interested in growing as a person and be successful.
PS: I don't want to offend anyone, being «successful» might mean something completely different to each person, this is just my point of view. And yes, there are way more things to take into consideration when looking for a relationship, but I want to talk about this because I am interested in marriage as it's part of fulfilling my faith.
When should a girl start looking for quality men? Are these men interested in younger partners?
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