He hasn't texted me yet. What does this sound like to you? Please help.

OK, my friend told this guy that I want to meet him, and he said okay. And then he said I'll talk to her. every time I see him he calls my friend over and asks if that's me. He told her to tell me that he said hi. Then my other friend told me that he glances at me a lot but we both look at each other a lot. He came over to my group and talked to everyone but me. Then my friends told him I said hi and to text me. He said hi again and that he would. He was by me most of the day today and he stares at me in the hallway when I see him. He hasn't texted me yet though.

Oh and my friend told me he came to my group on purpose because he said that he is going to talk to me. What does this sound like to you? I'm 16 if that helps


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  • To me he sounds like he may be nervous to talk to u. Some guys usually when they really like a girl. So next time you see him strike up a conversation with him and see where it goes from there. Also find out if you have anything in common so you have other stuff to talk about. Hope this helps! :)

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