Started hanging out with ex again, got fired from my job?

We just started hanging out again, and I lost my f***ing job this week, I got fired,and I loved my job.

They basically accused me of breaking the rule book and terminated me.

and he knew I was really upset about it. Tonight is Friday and I told him all my friends are out of town and I'm f***ing sitting at home and he knew how badly I wanted to get my mind off of my god awful week.

He always has GUYS night on Fridays, but I would have HOPED he would have asked me to hang out.

NOT TO MENTION there is another guy very interested in me too, but I don't want to see him since I started seeing my ex. but he feels my f***ing pain

And this other guy is asking me to hang out. While my ex just says "BOOOO you have no one to hang out with?" ...seriously, what the hell...MAYBE this is why he's my EX
All I'm trying to ask is, is this behavior selfish? Or should I really not expect him to be like, oh come out with me its alright...
and the background is We dated for two years, we've been broken up 6 months but have seen each other on and off and spoke on and off. and yes we were speaking when all of this happened, I didn't just call him out of the blue.


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  • Don't do stupid sh*t to get fired in the first place?

    What does "breaking the rule book" even mean?

    They have to give you a legitimate reason to fire you.

    Like, missing work and not calling. Or...stealing from the company. Or, always calling in sick.

    • Its something I'd rather not explain on here but I've only been working there for a month and they told me I wasn't allowed to do something without telling a manager and so they decided to get rid of me, it was an awful bullsh*t story and I'm not happy about it.

    • Well, if you weren't supposed to do something without manager approval...

      From a business standpoint, I can kinda see why.

      In the business world, if you can't follow directions...then you're not gonna have a job very long.

      Last job I worked, someone got fired for bringing pot cookies to work. Big surprise.

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  • Yes your ex is acting very selfish. And I feel your pain and that sucks that he got you fired. That's why when your working you always have to keep your significant other away from the work place so that way you don't get in toruble. Each job place has different rules and stuff. You should had hung with the other guy who is intereted in you and not tell you ex nothing.

    • He didn't get me fired I broke a rule that I WASN'T told was a rule which is f***ed up and unfair but there's nothing I can do now. but yeah, he just doesn't really seem to care about asking me to come out nd get my mind off of sh*t, so whatever

    • Well sorry to hear about that. If you didn't know about the rule they should not have counted it against you. That really sucks. I guess you have to find somebody that cares more about your feelings and that can be more supportive.So why did you not wnat ot hang out with the other guy?

  • Yeah, don't expect much out of an ex. Did you dump him or did he dump you?

    • he dumped me but we had so many issues but when we start hanging out again, like the day I got fired I went over to his house and he gave me a big hug and made me feel better and texted me that he had a real good time, but its like if you want to show me you give a f*** maybe you'd ask me to come out too...i just don't understand why he's such a selfish person, or at least that's how I feel

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    • Yeah, the thing is we talk on and off and see each other on and off it's been so weird and crazy and the best thing IS for us to just move on, so yes its probably a good thing that we didn't hang out. its just very hard to move on, and I SHOULD move on, because we already established we don't agree on the same things, we have different needs and wants in life, and just yeah. whatever, life is hard

    • I hear you. It totally sucks sometimes. Good news is, there's a lot of upside from where you are now.

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  • I think you need time to think and time to be angry. But you're expecting way too much from an ex.

    Just take a day and figure things out, and when you're ready you can make an entire post about your ex so we can help you out a bit more.

  • What is your question?

    • Im just basically asking if he's being selfish or I'm just expecting too much out of him

    • Well, I don't know you or him, so I can't say anything for sure, but I mean... you're exes for a reason. He's not your boyfriend. It isn't his responsibility to make you feel better. And maybe it was insensitive of him, but like I said, I don't know you or him, so maybe he had a reason for the way he acted.

  • was he ever seeing someone?

    • Nope not that I know of. he's very honest so he would tell me, I know he's made out with girls or whatever, but he never started seeing anyone

  • how long were you guys dating, and how long have you been broken up for?