Is he interested?

I have met this guy from an online dating site. The first time we met, we had a great conversation and we seemed to enjoy each other's presence. Things even got steamy. After that, we saw each other again and it was the same thing (Netflix and chill).

At first I beat myself up about not being courted on a date and getting steamy on the first night but I know there's still success stories about couples, regardless of what they did or didn't do the first time meeting.

My concern is our texts: he will text everyday (most times he initiates it) but he only texts once or twice a day. I know he's busy quite often and wants to take things "slow" before he gets into a relationship. With texts, he'll reply a long time later (like 6-7 hours later; last night was 11 hours). Sometimes, he's online after I send a text and I feel like he's ignoring me because he'll respond way late. He tells me he's interested but I can't tell that he's showing it. Maybe I'm crazy but let me know if this is normal, please?
Is he interested?
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