Why is he holding onto this abusive relationship?

Hi girlfriend beats him up: slaps him, has bruised him, kicks him, etc...
she also tries to control whom he hangs it with and gets very violent when things don’t go her way and she manipulated him quite a lot into getting her way... she was also throwing things around in his house the other day and opening up his mail that was adressed to him without asking him...

his friends hve stopped hanging out with him and his parents hve told him to break up with her but he still hasn’t...

he continues to see her and have her over at his house with his parents and continues to do things to please her... like buying a Christmas treee that she asked him for, for example, yet I always hear and hve heard and seen their fights and how he claims not to be able to handle her...

so why why is he still with her and still continuing his abusive relationship with this woman?
Scared of what she will do if he dumps her
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Is in love with her
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1 y
*his girlfriend
She also writes statuses on Facebook to embarrass him into getting her way and to push away all his friends from him as well and started throwing a temperamental fit when he didn’t donas she asked
Why is he holding onto this abusive relationship?
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