Is he done with me?

So I've slept over at his place like I've done before. I'm 22 and he's 24. We've been talking and getting along really well. He wants me to start leaving my things at his place. I have a hair brush, hair towel, and my hair serum in his room.

He says im his girl. He told me "you can have me. I don't play hard to get". We even slow danced in the shower.. When he was cooking dinner, he told me "I can't wait to cuddle with me when we sleep".
We went out to the store, and he couldn't keep his arm off of me. At one point the cashier said "you two make such a cute couple" and he said "thank you" with a smile then said im worth it.

The following day we both had to get ready for work. He came out to say goodbye and wouldn't LET ME GO. He kept giving me kisses on the cheek and forehead. Then we just kissed. He kept smiling and saying "you're my baby" over and over again. He hasn't made us official yet tho..

2 days after this he started acting distant. He's acting a little off. He did tell me he wants to see me but he just isn't all there. He ignored me for a whole day and a half. If I don't get back to him for hours then I notice he reads it right away.

Am I missing something? I've been giving him his space. I dont wanna crowed him.
Is he done with me?
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