Would it have changed anything if I didn't sleep with him?

Started dating a guy. First date great. Second he kissed me and I asked him where things were going and he said it was a hard question seeing as he got out of a 5 year relationship 4 months earlier and maybe just casual since he didn't have time to dedicate to anyone anyway. He's an anesthesiologist resident so yes busy schedule. So I said let's just be friends since I want something different.

We've messaged once or twice a day over the course of 3 weeks. I decided that I still liked him and wanted to kiss him and told him. Fast forward to our 3rd meet up 3 weeks later. I met at his place after work and one thing led to another. He asked if there was anyone else, I said no and asked him. He said with his work schedule that of course there was no one else. So after 3 hours of resisting, I slept with him. It seemed right and yes I left not too long after because he had to work.

This morning he gets done with work and asked if I was still up. He comes over. I'm embarrassed of my house, smells, mess, dog won't stop barking, etc. He seems cool about it. He wanted coco so I made him it. As we were waiting for the water to heat, he started touching me and kissing me. Anyways we went to my room and had sex really fast. He brought pajamas as if he was going to stay over but I bled on them (he knew I started my period). Anyway he gets dressed and hangs out for a minute just kinda rolling his eyes at things I said. I was hesitant to cuddle up to him again because how off putting he was. He didn't push me away though. Just felt awkward.

Anyways he washed his mug out really fast and left. Said goodbye but nothing else. When I asked him when he was off next he told me what he was going to be learning at work and that he might be off later next week.

I'm assuming that he lost interest, I did something... or who knows. Would it have mattered if I didn't sleep with him?
Would it have changed anything if I didn't sleep with him?
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