Could I be overthinking this encounter?

So I just purchased a next gen console from someone I met on tinder lol. I’ve had him on Snapchat for a few months, he’s aware that I did not want to meet up due to covid. However, he’s lucky and keeps getting hold of a ps5, while I’ve been trying forever. He told me that he got one and we met today in order to purchase it from him. I was never really interested too much based on what I saw from his photos. However, when I saw him today and heard him talk, I was a bit more interested. He did have a mask on but I feel he did not like the way I looked. He knows what I look like because I have him on Snapchat. He compliments my photos and usually replies to my stories. But I have not heard from him since the exchange this evening, we don’t talk everyday. Usually only in reply to a story or just whoever starts a convo first (usually him). Maybe I didn’t live up to what he expected in person?
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1 y
I have an update, whoever is interested in hearing, please comment
Could I be overthinking this encounter?
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