Why the hell hasn't he called me?!

I don't expect anyone to have the answer but I need to vent a little. My boyfriend and I just went our separate ways for the summer and agreed to call each other at least every other day. 4 days later and I've tried to contact him by text 3 times and called twice and gotten no response. He is well aware I'm paranoid about him hurting himself because he is an adrenaline junkie and told me not to worry about him until I hadn't heard from him for three days. Now I can't sleep. I've made myself feel physically ill because of the not so literal knot in my stomach. He's probably fine and just broke his phone is what I'm trying to tell myself but... Why hasn't he called me?!


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  • Does he normally act this way toward you? have you made him mad and not aware of the fact that you have done so? it could be nothing at all, just relax.

    • As it turns out, he just broke his phone. I was just worried about him and writing this up helped me sort out all of my thoughts.

    • I understand, sometimes we just need to vent to strangers. That is why we are here indeed.