Should I break up with my girlfriend?

I'm 25.

I met my girlfriend off a dating app.

She is cute but not beautiful. She tries extremely hard to make me happy, buying me Christmas gifts, planning birthday gifts, comforting me when I'm down and sending me text messages. She wrote me a long ass card about how she felt about me when I wrote just one sentence. I'm sure she likes me way more than I like her.

She always wants me to reply back to her when sometimes I leave her on read. She gets a bit upset over it and said she feels ignored. She is so sensitive. I see many of my female friends who are hotter and more beautiful than her.

The only reason I like her is cause she is cute, nice, understanding and always there for me. Should I dump her?
1 y
She is 22 years old FYI.
Should I break up with my girlfriend?
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