Should I stop dating him?

We know each other for more than 1 year not including 4 months we dating. It went great at first. Then he was like over busy in his stuff. He only have time to meet me. He don't have time to text or call. He would only text or call the days he wants to meet me. And he would say he is too busy and he miss seeing me so lets meet etc. Which totally sucks. It hurts. I sometimes feel like I am being used. And I really hate that feeling. I am just too confused with what I should do. Can anyone help me ? If you can I will be really thankful . :)

And when ever I call he is like can't wait till I disconnect it . I mean he can't wait till I disconnect it he will be in a hurry or he would say it oh I got to go bla bla or I will call you later. Please girls and guys help me. What should I do ?


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What Guys Said 1

  • You should stop dating because it seems he's not ready. Do not count on others to make you perform the actions.

    • Yeah maybe I should stop dating. But I just need sometime. I have a strong feeling towards him which is holding me back to end this...

What Girls Said 1

  • Okay I was just in this kind of relationship... :/ it kinda sucks I know how you feel ...and I finally got out of it you can't just let him make you feel like a choice when he is more of a priority I would leave before you fall too deeply in love or anything with him because I know I fell in love with my last boyfriend that was like that and yeaa it was horrible .. and now I am with the guy of my dreams who always wants to hang out with me and everything like that I feel like more of a priority to him not just an option .. like before with my ex. and I'm not one of those people that has had like 15 bf's and just goes to the next guy each time I'm js that if you leave now...if he doesn't change then you will save yourself A LOT of heart ache :/

    • The bad news is I am already in love with him. It can't hurt more I guess. I know it will hurt me more. But I need little more time maybe to convince myself... Thank you and I am really happy that everything turned out great for you. :) And hope it goes on.