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Girls, Would you date this sort of man?

I dated this guy for little over a month and during that month he told me... it’s ok lying if it stop a fighting or argument from occurring , it’s ok doing whatever during the day if you come back home 2 who you are with , he smokes pot , drinks frequently, best friend is a female that’s single... has gobs of single female friends he calls and texts , tell his family and his female friends when we have problems, gets 2 know women co workers on a personal level, caught him in a couple lies already , told me he didn’t care if I felt uncomfortable about any of this... that’s just who he is he said , never had had over a 9 month long relationship at the age of 34. I also seen a chat on fb going with this gal on Christmas. Would you date someone like this? Am I wrong for being upset about any of the things he did or said?
Girls, Would you date this sort of man?
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