Guys, how do you feel about women who ask, "am I pretty" alot? Does that constant validity turn you off?

Flattery, compassion, admiration, praise, and glory of one another in a relationship is fine by me. No one is too good to show their appreciation for one another, and be kind, respectful, and complement another, and there is nothing wrong with enjoying that kind of attention either. However, I'm dumbfounded, and flabbergasted, at the type of women that gets the good guy, and the type of men who gets the good girl. Having said that, we're often told to have a positive self-esteem, the right attitude, confidence in one's ability, to have an invaluable self-image, and worth about one's self, but in terms, of women, it seems like the bad girls, or highly insecure women, jealous women, nasty disrespectful women, whom have nothing to offer to an actual decent guy, are the ones who are snatching up all the good men, from good women, such as myself. The guy, who may deep down inside be interested, will never make a move or sweep you off your feet, because he's bedding some chick who is only going to break his heart, or who unfortunately, may feel terribly low of herself, and really is searching for another father, shrink, or who can only get the help she needs from Jesus, but these guys can't, and never see that. They leave decent, pure of heart, fun, good women like me to finish last all the time. Should I just stamp self-defeat, and condemnation across my forehead? What gives? How does that make you feel men, and what are your honest thoughts about these women? why do you bypass good women for them instead? Nobody is perfect! We all have short-comings, failures, mistakes, faults, disappointments, complexes, and insecurities. None of us come from a perfect family, and we all have something about ourselves we wish we could change, or have done differently, but who loves right attitude, positive self-esteem, invaluable decent heart women? Guys, please share your thoughts, advice, and experiences, and as always, ladies you are also welcomed? I'm tired of saying, "nice girls really do finish last", but I'm starting to think it's true!


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  • My girl ( who ever I'm with ) will never need to ask those questions because I will constantly tell her how beautiful and pretty she is or how cute, hot , and smoken she is ...

    That does two things. She will always ask are you sure? , I don't believe you., because your suppose to say that... then I say I wouldn't say those things if it wasn't true.. the other thing it does is give her the confidence that she needs to walk out the door with what she's wearing of some sort... So while she has this brand new confidence she flirts more feeling good about herself... so building her up too much lol hurts me

    So I agree with your confusion. I am a good looking and fit, big heart that will give and recieve love and affection,confident male that always put my lovers before my own needs... But all women want that however I seem to attract the woman with hidden motives that don't know how to recieve and give love or never get to that place full heartedly...

    So I am wondering why would some woman not want what I have to offer... Do I give her too much ? Where are the good women out there? they all seem to be at first but then their true colors show... I don't think women know how to commit to love , not from my experiance...

    • hmm, we're out here, and looking for the good guys. well, one thing, as a woman, that I can tell you sir, is women, at nature can be vicious, very damn vicious. It is human nature to take the least path to resistance, and take advantage of another or alleged weak to get ahead, especially when the opportunity presents itself. My advice to u, is be confident, and a man, and always treat a woman like a lady, and tease the sh*t out of her. If she's a little girl or unable to handle that she'll walk.

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    • guys at that age don't even know what they want ... the want to get some yes but rarely are they looking for the good girl, their boys who play basketball and vidoe games they are just too simple to be on your wave length ... KEEP strong patients is your key... YOU are going to get hurt and maybe used... however do not get bitter... keep your morals and realize they are not worthy of anybody close to what your heart posses !

    • thank you very much! I hope things work out for you really soon! Much blessings and success to your life and family!

      Jamaica Outtttttt

  • From my experiences in the past it happens to us good guys also. It also seems as if the opposite of what you said happens. Most of the time all the good girls who have so much going for them and have a great future ahead of them go for bad boys and leave decent, caring, good guys like me to finish last also. Fair enough, some good women are naive and young and immature in the dating game that they just cannot see that bad boys are gonna leave after they sleep with these women. But at the same time they cannot see how much a good, decent and honest guy is actually wanting to be with her for who she is instead of just wanting to be with her until he gets what he wants from her. These girls choose to be with sneaky badasses who are just gonna break their hearts also. And then these girls have the nerve to say they are tired of falling for guys who just want to sleep with them and not for who they are. But look around, there are plenty of guys around you who will want to be with you for who you are if you just give them a chance (I'm not aiming this at you, just a lot of girls in general). I would always choose a good woman over bad woman. Honestly, I don't know what to tell you, it seems as if guys like me also finish last too. Ironically, I always thought nice girls were the ones who finish first.

    • Hmm! Well spoken, and correct too. Looking for love in all the wrong places. Well, I am on the younger end, I'll turn 21 next month, but I'm already frustrated. I honestly don't f*** around. I'm human too, but I always fall for these good guys, that turn out to be already taken or clueless as to never making a move. There's this guy that I really care for, but keep my distance of course, because he has a girlfriend, this woman is the worst. she even broke my heart for no reason at all. If only he knew!

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    • Enough said. I have a plethora of goals and dreams right now, and I am allergic to not helping people. I love doing for others, and paying it forward. Maybe, I secretly hope, that someone will do the same for me also. Yeah, I've been burned within 21 years I have been alive, but sometimes, I do want some company, but not just any company. I understand and appreciate waiting, but what else are you supposed to do while you wait? I''m in school and getting my sh*t together, but what else...? Thanks

    • Well while you're in school you may want to try out some extra curricular activities that involve something you have a passion for. The advantage to this is that if you meet a guy who has a passion for the things you do then you already have something in common. It's much eassier to get along with someone who has mutual interests as you. However, DO NOT go and join extra curricular activities for the sole purpose of finding a guy! The main aim is to take your mind off things and enjoy yourself.

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