Should I go back to talking to this guy or not?

I had a friends with benefits he moved across the country and I got back with my boyfriend. When we got back together I dumped everyone I ever talked to sexually or fucked out of respect for him. I kept 2 people as friends. Dumped one because boyfriend didn't like him. Other guy boyfriend was okay with which is the one who moved far I dumped him 6 months ago. Last yr I told him I didn't want to talk about anything sexual anymore and he became very boring. And I dumped him 6 months ago because I wanted to change and have only positives in my life. he's one of those depressed people who basically says things dramatically to get your sorrys. Says how depressed he is in order to get attention from people basically and doesn't want to seek help. Anyways he posts these things on sc n his fb I blocked him on texting and sc as thats all I use. But I recently got a new phone n now he's unblocked and been texting me.

Anyways lately I'm feeling lonely in the friend department and I'm not sure if I should talk back to this guy or not. Not sure if boyfriend knows I fucked him as he's ugly but had a big dick so he was my hidden secret. Not someone i wanna admit i fucked. He's a nice guy but mentally was off.
Should I go back to talking to this guy or not?
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