Is this guy using me as a hookup?

He’s 30. I’m 26. We met online a month ago and met a week later. We’ve met 3 times so far all at his place because there is a covid lockdown everywhere else and it is winter. Each meeting has lasted 4-6 hours. We had sex the 2nd and 3rd time meeting. We usually talk and play games and have a couple drinks the first 2-3 hours and then are intimate the last hour and cuddle for another half hour. The first meet up we got intimate but I stopped him and said it was too soon and I’m not just looking to hookup to which he replied we can date! And he stopped and we just cuddle for the rest of the time and he kissed my forehead and said he understood.

im just wondering if this is how relationships possibly start or if he’s just hooking up with me and hanging out..
1 y
I forgot to add he did said he’d “ like to see where this could go” (his words) when I said I’m not into hookups.
Is this guy using me as a hookup?
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