Who should I trust in this situation?

I have a friend I went to college with and we been buddies for like a year and well recently she started acting up like a lot.. so basically I had a thing for this guy I was talking to and seeing as she’s a friend and part of my life I decided to show her what he looked like by sending her a picture of him on Snapchat.

she than decided to save his picture to her own phone camera roll which actually got me fuming (angered) anyways yeah she than asked me if she could have his Snapchat so being a friend that I am I asked the guy what he thought of her basically he favoured me over her so I told her that he thinks she’s cute but he’s not really interested. She still wanted his Snapchat.

Anyways I felt guilty about the picture thing so I was in 2 minds to tell him and when I said never mind he was more determined to know so I told him what she did with his picture etc I apologised and well yeah he understood that like I wanted to tell my friends about him. Thought that’s where it would ended but the next day (today) he has blocked me.. I dunno what to do I have fallen out with her because she’s given me reasons to not trust her like she’s done this thing before to my other friend.

she’s the type of girl that wants attention from every guy and tries to ruin our chances with guys we want I dunno why he blocked me for on Snapchat but not on the social media platform we met on...

did I do the right thing? And who can I trust
Who should I trust in this situation?
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