Should I break up with him because of the baby mama or because of the ex that’s his “friend”?

My “boyfriend” and I have been together or at least in the talking stage for almost 4 years now. Our situation was very rocky when we started and the realization of he was in another relationship at the time didn’t come into play. Due to the relationship he got the girl pregnant and did not tell me until I found out about a baby shower. As the young person I was, I got over it and decided to move on with him after the fact came into play that he took my V Card and was my first love. I then later came to him and his “friend since high school” that was his girlfriend at one point in the picture as well. THEN I found out he was staying the night at her house but claimed it was nothing between them. Between the babymother and the friend, I don’t know which one is worst. He lied about going to the friend birthday party and then pictures came up of him kissing her cheek and her booty on him... So me as your “girlfriend” is just like why are you that close and why did you even lie about it. It’s very toxic and the only good thing is mostly the s**. I can’t even talk to him because he always find a way to draw me back in and can not take responsibility. Then he told me he still loves the babymother because she had his child, but then said he don’t want to be with her. Obviously she wants to be with you if she was questioning why you didn’t say you had a girlfriend and because you lied about having a girlfriend. I am not happy all the time but it’s hard to leave because I have the attachment. I love him and don’t just want to leave. So what should I do. Should I try to sit down and talk about everything or should I just really get over it and leave? Thanks for the help!
Should I break up with him because of the baby mama or because of the ex that’s his “friend”?
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