I need advice urgently?

So I just started seeing someone again and we’ve gone on about 4 dates so far and have called and FaceTimed a bunch and everything’s been going great apart from his texting habits. For example rn... we were on call with each other and his buddy ended up calling him during our call and so he said “hey my buddies calling, I’ll call u when I’m done ok?” And I said sure. Then an hour went by and nothing. So I shot him a respectful text and was like “was everything ok with ur friend?” And he never replied and so after another half hour I called him and he didn’t reply. It’s been 2 and 1/2 hours now. And I am a very understanding person when it comes to being busy. But I can’t stand when people don’t have the decency to at least shoot the person a text saying that their busy and won’t be able to respond for a while. Cause now since I’ve been developing a bit of feelings for him... it’s making me debate on whether I should address this issue. But a part of me feels like I have no right because we’re not official...
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Ya but should I put my guard up now and not text him...
I need advice urgently?
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