Is This a Date Or Just Sex?

I apologise for asking such a question but I have no one else to ask.

Bit of backstory, I met this guy during a gathering about 5 months back. Because of university and resits were worked with each other on a project for about a month. After that we switched to talking online. Gradually we have built up how much we talk. I asked him out a few months ago and he said that he wasn't looking for anything serious. I accepted this. We continued to flirt and a few weeks later it got sexual.

About a week ago I sent him a photo of me in my bra. He didn't seem to react at all saying I looked nice without saying it and kinda ignored my comments about how nice he looked in his photo. Well anyway around the same time he offered that we meet up for drinks. I agreed to my place (everywhere is shut at the moment no bars, cafes and so on).

Basically I'm worried this isn't the date I think it is. That this is a way to sleep with me. I want it with him too... a lot but I also don't want to get hurt. Truth is I like him. I'm worried I'll mix up signs on the date only for him to never talk to me the morning after. Going into it like he'll ignore from tomorrow won't get me hyped. I've been talking to the guy almost every day for weeks. For it to be gone even if it's for the best will be a gut punch.

Thing is, he is driving in from another city and said he'll have to spend the night. Could be a smart way of saying he is planning to sleep in my bed. But he's not dumb and must realise that if things don't end up in sex he's either sleeping on the sofa or has to drive home drunk (which I wouldn't let him).

I'm worried I'm walking into a booty call of sorts thinking this is a date and if I say I'm not in the mood for sex, he'll just grow cold towards me. It's happened so much in the past. But maybe this is a date where he hopes they'll be sex at the end. I don't know. I don't know how to ask him either. I've also never had a date

Does it sound like he's just after sex or something more?
Is This a Date Or Just Sex?
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