I have her number, now what?

So... I know this girl is at least interested a little and I have her number (we're friends but I'm pretty certain she wants more than that), but now I don't know really know what I should do from here. She's already asked if we were going to hangout over summer and I told her for sure, but what now?

How do I go about setting up a time to hangout? How do I text her to keep her interested? What is considered "hanging out"? What's a good first hangout (go to the movies or what?)?

Thanks in advance for the help. Sorry I'm clueless.


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  • you're making this harder than it is. go to the movies with her or something with a group of friends so its not awkward at first, and then go the two of your alone. if you like her, make a move. text her asking when she's free so you can set up a date


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