Love , relationships, breakup?

So I’ve been dating a Taurus man for 2 years I came off pretty easy to him because I was vulnerable and weak at the time when I met him I was grieving a loss of a loved one but after he showed me his true colors and that he didn’t want me I begged for him to be with me i told him my whole life and past mistakes we were ok for a few months then he started treating me really bad.. disrespecting me and just being mean to me all the time messing with other girls just showing me he’s not for me and I still stayed and accepted all of this every time he would try to leave I would beg for him to stay I feel like I’ve lost my dignity and respect but I still love this man and want him in my life do you think it is possible to gain my respect back from him and get him to love me again? This situation is soooo messy and needs to be in the trash what I’m asking is do you think something so messy can be repaired?
Love , relationships, breakup?
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