My date is vacationing with her male friend, wth?

Is it normal for girls to travel with guys alone if they are not in a relationship?

Granted, they know each other much longer than I knew her; but I was hoping this girl I'm dating would be the one and things had been progressing fairly well. We're not in a committed relationship yet but it really bothers me to see her go vacation with another guy.


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  • I think it could be. Maybe she didn't have anyone else to go with & he was available. It's not safe to go alone.

    If you feel this way about her, maybe you should be in a committed relationship now instead of waiting until she's off with someone else.


    • I've asked her several months ago if she wanted to be in a committed relationship and she says she wanted to take it slow so I backed off a bit. We still hung out during the weekends/weekdays during this time... If she had let me know she wanted to go on vacation, I would gladly accompany her.

    • It sounds like she has 2 boyfriends, my friend. Sorry for your luck.

    • Mmm.. bummer =\

      Thanks for the advice all, rather I know it early than late I guess.

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  • It's totally normal, honest. Personally I have a few very close male friends. We've got past the stage of wondering whether we fancy each other etc. One male friend I've known for 30 years, another for 25 years. Male friends are great - they don't compete with you! I mean I love my female friends, but there's something nice about a good male friend. The best thing you can do is befriend him, she'll be so relieved and he'll be on your side so he'll want the relationship to work (mostly, as her friend, he'll have had men squaring up to him all the time probably)show him you're in control.

    My male friend had a long term girlfriend and I really grew fond of her, she knew I wanted it to work for them and she would ask me for tips about him cos I'd known him for ages! I wouldn't betray his trust of course, but I did give her some great hints. Sadly after many years they broke up, but she and I stay in touch every so often and we cheer each other on in all our endeavours.

  • not normal, imo... :/

    • Yeah... maybe I'll just move on - I wouldn't gone with another girl alone if I was interested in her.

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  • They're FWB, so she thinks it doesn't count maybe.

    • MMmm.. FWB, isn't that just worst? Maybe I'll move on =\

    • I would, especially given your answer to DebiPie, she doesn't want to be in a relationship (read exclusive)