What does it mean that he trembles when we kiss?

When we are making out, I've noticed his body trembles and he sometimes will breathe heavily. I know I definitely notice his body shaking a little like when he's holding me.. it happened once when he was like leaning over me and I thought maybe he was shaking cause he was holding himself up, but then he was trembling another time when we were both just standing making out..

Is it just because he was horny? Like do guys tremble when they're really turned on?

Or does it have to do with feelings? Like does a guy tremble if any girl kissed him? Like he wouldn't tremble if he wasn't attracted right?

He's definitely not inexperienced and we've hung out a few times now and every time he still like trembles. Just, what does it mean?


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  • hahahahaha. the dude is hella nervous or scared and he's tryin WAY too hard. be easy on him. let him know its OK to slow down. poor dude haha

  • He's scared sh**less...take it easy on the poor boy...


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