Advice on dating an older man?

Hey everyone!

Here's a little background story. I'm twenty (have been for a couple of months) and there is a guy that I attended college with that I am sincerely attracted to. He's thirty two, which I don't have a problem with at all. (I actually think that makes him MORE attractive!) We've been talking regularly via I'm as he is out of the country at the moment, and we've made plans for a few dates when he gets back. He seems genuinely interested in me. He's not been married before, and doesn't have any children.

My questions are:

1) I feel so young around him, even though he and I share a lot of interests. I would consider myself mature, however are there any tactics to avoid making him feel as if he's robbing the cradle?

2) I still live with my parents, and I've yet to tell them of my interest in this guy. I will date him regardless of what they say, but are there any particular points I could make so that they would be more comfortable with it? It's not guaranteed that they will be unhappy with the situation, but I'm expecting it.

And finally,

3) For you older guys out there yourself, what sort of things do you find attractive in a significant other? (Regardless of age.)

Thanks for the help, and I sincerely look forward to hearing your answers!


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  • i think its awesome that you can talk to your parents about it.

    I'm turning 21 next month and I'm seeing this 36yr old. My mom can't really know about it until I graduate..

    Its working out because he's weird..his sense of humour is like mine and we get along..i forget that he's older half the time I'm with him, the only thing that messes us up is the secracy.

    I think you've got nothing to worry about as long as you be yourself. You shouldn't have to add 10 years to your attitude in order to keep the guy, he obviously likes you for some don't change. If he feels weird about dating a younger girl, he wouldn't be interested in dating you to begin with right?

    Just avoid 'oldie' like complaining about your age or not knowing the band/tv show he likes because you werent born yet...well maybe he won't be so sensitive and he'll laugh.

    You can't really do anything right now until you guys actually date..seriously just be yourself and reflect on how he reacts to that.


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  • Hi I'm 29. Recently been dating early twenties. I'm into a 20 yo at the mo.

    1. Try not to talk too much abt justin beiber etc. you can talk abt

    more serious topics to let him know you are not a kid. although he

    will want to take care of u, show him you are independent. pay for

    coffee if he took you out to dinner

    3. I like younger girls because I can look after them, and they are fun to be w.

    not so jaded or cynical as older girls

    good luck

    • Bahaha I could care less about Justin Beiber anyways, I don't even know much about the kid. And the indepedant thing sounds like a good idea. Thank you.

  • 1) don't talk about things that only your age group is keyed in on, pop culture references will highlight the age difference in both directions.

    2) your parents aren't going to like it unless he's serious and wants to provide for you.


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