Saying I'll call but never do?

Ok I hanged out with a very cute girl she seemed into me I'm into her she asked me for my number and then said she will call me tomorrow two hang out we made Plans to party.. She hasn't called nore texted I met her last night should I just wait it out and if she doesn't call tonight I just don't give her any attention.

The only thing I wrote her last night was have a goodnight sleep sweety that's it she did not respond..

Also she has a boyfriend 3months but she says she's done with him.

Should I play it cool and not chase her or call and text her?


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  • Well call her see what excuse she has... I never wait for a girl to call, works better for me. If she ignore your call try again a few hours later or another day. If it gets ignored again wait 3 days and if she doesn't respond throw her number in the trash. Also if she call within the 3 days or later and doesn't apologize, ignore her. She is too self centered and has no respect for you, find someone better. Just how I do it.

  • call a prostitute

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