Argument perspective? Am I wrong or?

Ok so, I've since broken up with this girl but we use to argue about going to the club. And when I say club I don't mean like a laid back country club with a meat raffle. Anyway she would always want to go to the club. And tbh I would only go to a club if I was looking you know? Otherwise I wouldn't go. I feel like that kind of club is for that purpose, and she disagrees. She tells me it's her thing. Her friends go. She goes. They all have a good time.

We would argue, she would suspect me of jealously. And having no trust. I told her people go to those kinds of clubs well, to meet up. Hook up. And yea maybe that's not what she was doing I wouldn't know. But I would ask why her and her friend couldn't drink at home. Or her friends house, or tbh do something that wasn't going to the club. She made me out to be a narcissist. That if she didn't go. It's because I was manipulating her decision.

They where never interested to see if I wanted to come, so I asked. And they said its their thing. Like that's how they spend time together. Politely, they made it clear they did not want coming along.

Am I in the wrong?
(note: I did not meet her at a club, she has meet previous guys at the club)
Argument perspective? Am I wrong or?
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