Girls, I am confused?

I been talking to this girl for roughly 10 weeks and everything seem fine she occasionally dropped hints she wanted to sleep with me and always ask personal questions. She seemed really into me and even said she liked me. We would text basically daily up until the 21st of December which we had a 3 hour call talking about personal stuff that night leading into the next day I asked her later on the 22nd if she wanted to talk and I didn't get a answer which I thought nothing of it.
A day go by so I asked again and she said she wasn't feeling good and I told her to feel better and shortly after I asked her if she was bullshiting me on liking me I was just wondering she said no and asked me why I would think that I told her it was just a thought I was sitting on and that when I noticed a change in our whatever we had. Day goes by and I kinda got needy because i thought she was ignoring me and wanted a why on the 27th of December I sent her a paragraph and at the end asked her to tell me if she doesn't want to talk to me straight up. she told me her mental health was declining ever since she started college and she pushes people away even if she doesn't want too. I told her I understood that and I am always open to talk if needed. We texted here and there present day and even called but it just feels off and she usually doesn't respond. I am confused on what to do because honestly I actually liked talking to her thought everything was going fine but I think the more I try it just makes me comes off as needy even more do I don't know what to do.
Girls, I am confused?
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