Does this seem more like a summer fling or something more could happen?

I've been talking with a girl from a different country for almost a year. Really only started as just ways to talk about people who didn't treat us good. She's very kind and she frequently talked to me about things she's been through and we talk intimately a lot.
Anyway, we've been talking and we've both kinda joked about visiting each other's countries after the covid crisis is over, ever since we started talking. She's talked about going a few places during the summer if possible. She invited me to come meet her and we could spend a few weeks someplace.
As much as I like her, and personally hope we could actually get together. It's be for a few weeks, and doesn't seem like anything long term. She's got a career, her family, and everything there. I have the same here, but it almost seems like we are what the other hasn't found. As we both stopped trying to go out and date after a few months of us talking.

I'm not sure if this is something to think about or what could happen. Cause there's the cliche thing of one of us following the other but the realistic piece of me thinks about it could be worst case a trap of some kind. Or most likely a two week vacation and hook up.
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Does this seem more like a summer fling or something more could happen?
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