In a relationship with somebody who doesn’t truly love me?

I’ve been in a relationship with someone for a year and so and I’m even 7 months pregnant with their child. Ever since I started dating them and he brought me to his house, he always use to invite me to come over and we barley ever hung out he would just leave me in his room and go spend time with his mom. Ever since I got more serious with him and later on got pregnant i moved in with him to his place. His mom lives here and his siblings. But all he ever does is leave me in the room and go hang out in the living room with his mom. He never wants to be with me and he doesn’t take me out the way he use to when we first started dating. I’ve been told to try and go outside and hang out with them in the living room but the times that I’ve done im just ghosted I’m like a third wheel and they’re just interacting, smoking, making jokes and I’m never apart of it. They don’t make me feel welcome and they barley communicate with me. There are times where he would come to have a snack with me, bring me food, maybe even chill and watch some tv with me but that’s literally it. There’s even time where he comes to check up on me and is chilling with me and the mom always has to knock and interrupt us and asks him to come smoke with her, do something with her.. just anything and I’m alone again. Literally the other day he was out with her the whole day and he had just came to see me for not even 1-2 min and she was already calling him for something. They have a close bond and she makes him laugh/smile and interested in conversations that I can never bring out in him. I don’t feel any type of importance or love. I feel like I’m just here and he buys me stuff because he feels obligated to since I’m the mother of his child or he feels bad and doesn’t want to let me go. It’s hard for me to let go because even throughout all this I’m still in love. I just don’t know what to do at this point. Any advice? 😔
In a relationship with somebody who doesn’t truly love me?
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