Guys, help! I'm confused. text messages and drama!

my crush is really nice and all and we've exchanged numbers for class related stuff and whatnot. we've chilled at a mutual friends place and talk well enough. we can sit and have silence and stay focused on television without being too weird about. anyway, I text him and he'll sign me into class and laugh a little 'cause I always say 'good mornin' sunshine' to make him laugh. we have this lame gum trading thing where I'll offer him gum or he'll offer me gum and we always do this with each other. it's weird, I know. the other day, after class he runs down the stairs and stops right next to me with a 'hey' and I joke around and call him a creeper. we both laugh and he stands really close to me the whole time we're talking, like arm brushing against each other.

he invited me to study with him and our mutual friend and he's like 'oh, we can study at her place. you know, if you want.' and it was really cute. he always looks me in the eye and stuff when we talk. but sometimes when we text he never gets back to me. sometimes we'll text for a while back and forth and then he'll stop. sometimes he won't even reply or bring it up when I see him. sometimes he'll bring it up in class. sometimes he'll text our friend something instead of texting me back and then she lets me know what he said. one time we were suppose to study together and he never showed up or texted me back when I asked if everything was fine and he acted like nothing happened when I saw him the next day.

oh and he said he was down for a game of ping pong in the 'future', but never tried to set anything up with me. idk.

i'm just trying to see if he likes me or if he's just being my friend. I do need to relax, I guess. I haven't liked a guy this much in a while, haha


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  • What are you trying to ask? Sounds to me like a long list of positives that could hopefully lead to something. Relax, you guys are having fun flirting and just being friends. Enjoy it, and I hope it goes well for you.


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