Guys, The meaning of great?

I’ve been dating a man for nearly 4 months. At the beginning he was very enamored and would say he REALLY likes me. We hangout 3 times a week. Usually at one of our homes. Dinner, watch tv and sex occasionally.
Our chemistry is great when we are together. When we aren’t together the communication is very lacking.
Lately he has been canceling one of our date nights at the last minute. I texted him last night to share my disappointment. I told him I loved him but felt he had walls up. He responded with I’m a great girl and it wasn’t intentional.
I really don’t know how to interpret this. Is this my insecurities? Shouldn’t there be more communication throughout the week? I get a good morning and good night text and very little in between unless I initiate.
I believe him when he says he’s not seeing anyone else. Why would he shower me with such sweet words at the beginning of our relationship and now I get I’m a great girl? I understand men need space and I give him that. I’m I expecting too much or overreacting?
Guys, The meaning of great?
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