Is he blowing me off on purpose?

My co-worker and I are pretty good mates. We finally got drunk together last weekend and hooked up, it was awesome and he was all over me, I've never had a guy verbally express how into my body they are like that!

I am moving very soon, and he made it clear he wanted to get with me again before I moved. Thursday I asked him when we would be hanging this weekend, he said Saturday worked for him, and we agreed that we would hang tonight. I don't hear from him since then, and don't see him at work.

Today I texted him in the evening about something else and he responds but doesn't mention our plans for tonight. I ask him if its still on a couple hours later and he tells me he is watching his daughter right now and is trying to get ahold of mom. I text him back something like "oh ok" and get no response.

Is he blowing me off on purpose? Idk, this would be the second time this month I would have been rejected without reason so it wouldn't really surprise me!


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  • What ened up going on?

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