Should I tell him I was nervous?

The other night my friend from work drove me home. He's the sweetest guy! I know he likes me and I think he knows I like him too. I went to hug but everything went so fast I can't remember what happened because my heart was beating so fast. I kissed his ear by accident! Anyway, today at work one of the girls said he asked about what I say about him (I do the same thing too). She told me that because I was talking he didn't get a chance to kiss me in the car. I was so nervous because I've never really had a first kiss before. Should I tell him I had a good chat with the other girl and sorry for being nervous?

He wants to take me to lunch but I'm so nervous I don't think I will be able to eat. I'm working with him on Thursday, we sent each other messages on FB but what can I say to give him the hint that I really like him?


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  • Haha it sounds like you were both nervous, but if he's asked you out then he clearly doesn't mind. Just have a laugh about you slipped and kissed his ear and then get back to enjoying your lunch! Really, I would think it's hella cute if a girl did that!


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  • yeah I would tell him- sounds like he really likes you though so don't worry too much- just make him understand its not that you don't want to kiss etc but you are a bit apprehensive!