Am I stuck on this thought forever?

Hey guys, I seriously need your help because I think that if keep on thinking like this : 1) I will destroy the love of my life 2) I'll go crazy
I started dating my bestfriend 2 months ago, we had a one 1 year bestfriend relationship that was amazing, he knew everything about me, about my crushes, my popularity (I'm a popular and beautiful girl, I didn't know how to say it but now its done). At first, I wasn't really in love with him or even attracted to him, but with time I fell in love and now he means the world to me. As this feeling grew, I developped some kind of PSYCHO JEALOUSY, and there is one particular thought that can't leave my mind even if we discussed it him and I. Before we were a couple, he liked a couple of booty pictures of a stripper that he doesn't know personnaly, and she was commenting his picture also, anyways the thought of him doing that didn't leave my mind for 2 months. We talked about it, obviously, and he told me that he doesn't even know the girl and he didn't remember liking her pictures, and now that he saw it he didn't feel like himself. We are a pretty serious couple, i think you understood that by reading the story, he behaved really well from the beggining of our dating, it's just this episode that can't leave my mind because i really thought he was one of a kind and not like the other boys. When i was single I was more confident than that, i didn't give a shit about boys who really wanted to date me but i just wanted to have fun in my life. It changed completely with my actual boyfriend because I love him, and I'm so scared because I want it to work between us, but this episode won't let me move on and I think about it all the time, i don't know what to think about it.
Please guys, help me, and if you have any questions don't hesitare, but save me.
PS : I'm 21
1 y
He sure is my man! And he behaves well, this happened before we started datinh
Am I stuck on this thought forever?
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