How late can you stay at a guy's house?

I'm seeing this guy who is off work on the weekends, but I work until 11 pm. I like to hang out with him at his house sometimes after work. What's the latest I can hang out and still be seen as "respectful?"

We don't do anything except watch movies and make out a little.

I've been seeing him about 3 months, and I knew him before that...(don't know if that helps)


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  • I'm going to say 10:30 , just because if you leave when he tells you it's alright its very passive , it shows that your into him yes , but it also shows your not playing hard to get and sometimes that is not the best move. Even if you love the guy , the guy could treat you like dirt because he thinks you will always be there for him.

    Then again it depends on how ling you have been dating , >6 months you should keep to 10:30 <6 months staying a bit later won't hurt anything . Due to the fact with 6 months comes with the added commitment of being in a long term relationship state of mind.

    • Well then you should leave probably at the latest 10:30. At 3 months you don't know all the skeletons in his closet quite yet..

What Girls Said 1

  • Maybe I'm a prude but I wouldn't want to be at a guy's house alone after dark unless I was gonna have sex with him. I wouldn't hang out with him after work if that was me, I'd just see him during the day another time. If you are gonna do it anyway make sure you don't stay long and leave before midnight. Some people will say it doesn't matter but hanging out with a guy in the early morning hours probably isn't a good look. Plus you haven't been seeing him for very long anyway so try to not spend so much time with him and go on more real dates instead of just hanging out at his house.