Guys, He’s acting like nothing happened after our argument?

So I’ve been talking to this guy for about a month We’ve gone on 4 dates and he’s always asking when he will see me next whenever I leave his place anyways, I have also spent the night but we haven’t had sex yet, we just make out... we got into an argument about him not being able to come see me one day, I blew up and sent him this cringe text message basically telling him I thought he was different from other guys lol This happened Wednesday Since then he’s commented on my new IG picture And has been sending me random snaps of him hanging out with friends, him driving around etc Just pointless text with no context or reason for mento reply But today I finally replied to one of his snaps telling him looks like fun and we’ve been texting since, like nothing happened like we didn’t get into a big fight where I told him I’d never contact him again... I’m happy that we’re texting again but weirded out that he’s acting like I didn’t act like a crazy jealous bat shit crazy girlfriend the other night... it’s weird too me
Guys, He’s acting like nothing happened after our argument?
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