2021: is real love dead?

It seems everyone keeps going on about high quality men, money, status and I'm just wondering what is going on. Does everyone think like this?
Does anyone else still believe in marrying young, till your both old and grey but very in love?
He may be poorer but either way it doesn't matter because he's your only soul mate?
You may struggle in life... but your at least together through it all and your partner is the good?
Your happy with the simple things in life, you work together for small milstones like travelling after both saving up from a regular job?
You treat the world as an exploration adventure and explore like kids?
You have kids and you work together to make each others life easier?
Am I missing something when everyone seems to be so fascinated with money status and power? ... because I dont get the appeal
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2021: is real love dead?
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