Girls: Would you like to teach a guy how to play the guitar on a first date?

Hey, I've got a question for you (wohoo, surprise!):

I am planning to ask my crush out for the very first time soon, but I don't really have a clue what to do on a first date. We know each other for a couple of months, so its less of a basic-information-date. I know she's playing the acoustic guitar and I've bought myself one a few weeks ago. As I've only played the electric guitar until now, I wonder if it would be fun to sit down somewhere (probably in a park or something) and play ;) Or would it be too boring because the focus is on one single activity? Regardless of this, I don't even know if she would say yes anyway, but this does not belong in here ;)

Please help!


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  • Um first off that's Romantic! To sit at the park and play guitar. And if its something Y'all have in common then it will be fun. It will allow her to show off some. I think its a great ideal. Go Fer It!


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  • Go for it dude, it will be fun and an excellent way to bond especially if you are interested in the same music. personally I would completely avoid that only doing that only if you are an absolute beginner and she has to take charge in teaching you every little thing, otherwise sounds good.

    • That was fast, thank you!

      Well, sice I have been playing the electric guitar for some time now I guess I'm not an absolute beginner anymore... It's just a hobby we both have in common and are quite passionate about.