Is she is rebound or is he really over me?

I broke up with my ex a few months ago even after we broke up we would still hang out and still say I love you like we were a couple. He decided to move out of state and a week later I found out he was talking to someone...but when we talked on the phone he would always say he wantee to move back and give us another try. It's been a month and now I found out this girl is his girlfriend and I was pissed and told him we are never to speak again because it was wrong to talk to me and say you love me and wanna come back yet your starting a new relationship with someone else. He sent me a nasty email saying how he is over me and moved on. I'm thinking how can you move on from a relationship of years in just a few weeks? And to make things more complicated I'm pregnant with his child I don't see how he could move on so fast he was never alone for more than 2 seconds...I just don't get it do you think he actually moved on or she is his rebound Because he's hurt about our breakup?


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  • It sounds like he got busted when you found out he had a girlfriend. He was trying to be a playa and he got caught. He does still care for you, but you guys had a heated argument and he just wanted to say things to you to hurt you.

    You guys did break up, but still kept in touch with each other. He was dating another woman which made it a bit easier to transition from you to her or even to move on. You are and were part of his life, and he didn't just move on just like that.

    Now, you have a bigger problem, you are pregnant by your ex, and he's with someone else. Do not worry about him moving on. Worry and think about your future, and decisions you will have to make regarding your pregnancy.

    • Thank you for your response I decided to move on and jus focus on my baby on the way. We have had no contact for awhile but he jus emailed me saying his family has been asking about me and can I please call his mom...I don't understand what that is about why would I even wanna call them to talk to them? I don't understand why he jus did that.

    • Well you are pregnant with his child, and his mom grandchild. Even though you are hurt by his actions, that is his child you are carry, and if you are going to go through with the pregnancy you should communicate with him and his family. Because it is tough to have and raise your child without financial, emotional and family support.

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