She cancelled plans to hang out?

She is my ex. I know she's my ex for a reason, but we like hanging out still.

Theres a lot of mixed messages here.

She had some stuff at my house after the breakup, and I offered to just drop them off at her house, but she wanted to make a dinner out of it instead.

We had plans for dinner tomorrow night, and she texted saying "Is is OK if we move it to another night? I partied too hard yesterday!"

I said yeah no prob. Then she texted "Are you sure? Are you mad?"

Haha why would she ask this? I was cool about it, because I really don't care. But why would she want to get dinner one night, then cancel tomorrow.

And later she said "Just let me know next time you are free"

Any thoughts?


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  • she doesn't want to hang out with you. if she did she would have made plans and named a date since she canceled


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