Is this a good reply for a flirting message?

in short, he sent me a message something like saying.. you're cute , I adore your smile, you always impress me with your opinions in class... etc"

is it OK to just reply with :

:D :')

===>& I really don't know what to say lol


P.S he is a very hansom popular guy, that is used to girls chasing him!

he is showing interest in me and am so not that typical girl who he got used to run after him

am kinda of a quite, innocent features bit shy petite girl!

Many thanks :)


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  • If you're interested, you've gotta give him something more than that. Just a smiley face or a one word answers are the worst responses a girl can give a guy. Unless they want the guy to just shut up and go away, in which case they're the best responses.


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  • That's OK, but not great.

    I would go with:

    "You're pretty impressive yourself"

  • Yes it is OK, try to have the courage to talk to him in person OK, ps: with me I notice the voice, the smile and hair of the girl first

    • thank you for your answer!

      and I have avery good smile LOL its always the first comliment I get from every one!

      thnx again a lot :D

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  • That sounds like you wouldn't be interested tbh


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  • The question here is if you want to continue to have a conversation with him via text, if so a gracious thank you is always in order. After that say something flirty to keep his interest. Definitely talk to him in person as much as you can as well.

  • i would say that is a fine reply (:

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