Are emotional abusers always physically abusive too?

I know a girl who was abused by the guy I rejected when she dated him.

We weren’t friends that long after the abuse happened so I don’t know if the verbal abuse ever became physical.

I asked a question online about why some woman always date abusive men and he appeared on Facebook immediately after I asked the question even though I had not seen him online in months or years. I think he read my question and thought I would put up with his abuse.

It seems he enjoys abusing people and looks for girls with low self esteem that he can target.

The reason he began dating that girl was that I complained to him about how she would not stop harassing me and trying to force me to be her friend.

She was lonely and tried to force friendships by harassing people instead of winning their respect through virtue and hard work or by showing kindness and respect to attract them into her life.
Are emotional abusers always physically abusive too?
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