Is it common for men to not use their real name?

I met a guy on hinge and he had a name which I know for a fact is not his real name. (Don’t ask how, I just know. We are from the same ethnic background and I got to know him and I know his parents did not name him that lol) Initially I asked but he insisted it was his name. Everything went well for a couple of weeks. Spoke on the phone twice for hours followed by three dates. He was a great guy but would not tell me his name. On our third at last date when we were at my place, he wanted to leave kind of early around 11pm. I didn’t sleep w him but I asked him to stay which he didn’t want to do. (Odd because he did want to sleep w me.) anyways before he left I asked him if he’s hiding a girlfriend or wife and he turned the question on me instead of answering normally. Long story short barely heard from him after and when I tried to end things when he would text he insisted we had a great connection and that he was going through somethings. We texted a bit but then last week he left me on read. I feel stupid for even asking as I type this but this is shady right? by the way I did find out his name through some detective work after our second date. I just wanted to play along and see if he tells me himself.
Is it common for men to not use their real name?
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