Stop telling people it’s easy to get/girlfriend?


Before you say anything, no I am not an incel, I have had sex before with multiple people, (I know it’s a popular word people like to use to belittle others) I am just talking generally.
I don’t feel like I’m owed sex
Girls/women, I’m nit blaming you, you’re only doing what you gotta do.

We live in a superficial society, and I find it really weird when people pretend otherwise

In terms of looks I’m a 4, what’s annoys me is when my friends who are clearly 9s and 10s think I have the same prospective they have.

If you’re reading and you’re a guy who’s a 9-10 don’t assume everyone has it as easy as you when it come to pulling and getting laid, and stop telling people who are not as good looking as you that “it’s easy to get sex, just use tinder”, IT’S EASY FOR YOU!!! you look like Brad Pitt did in his 30s, not all of us do.

Let me try and explain it to you this one, I am a boxer, If I ask you to do a pull, counter followed by roll , you wouldn’t be able to do it. Now I find it very easy, but even if I was to do it in front of you 1000 times and talk you through it for , You still wouldn’t be able to do it, I wouldn’t say to you “just pull your head back and counter his jab... IT’EASY”

Also another piece of dumb advice people give is “just be yourself” it may work for you cause all you have to do is wink and smile and girl and and she’ll go home with you, if someone who’s not as handsome as you used your tactic they’d get a slap.

If you’re good looking guy make the most of the gift you got fuck as many girls as you want, have fun, but don’t tell me who is a 4 “how easy” it is, cause if it was that easy I too would be fuucking 8 different girls each week, we would all be doing it.

You telling me it’s easy, makes me wonder if it really is that easy and I’m just a special kind of ugly, and I really don’t need that sort of thinking.

I know looks aren’t everything, but they help with drawing attention, and without that you are nothing.
Stop telling people it’s easy to get/girlfriend?
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