Friend hasn't contacted me, advice?

There was this guy who pretty much told me he liked me a lot and I told him the same. He said he could see himself spending his life with me and called me pretty much every other day. I was never really bothered by it even when my friends said that he called a little to much for us not to be dating.

But after I rejected him for sex (note we weren't dating and he knows I don't sleep around) things got difficult. I would call and usually he would answer right away but he never called me back. So I would just text him and then he just didn't respond. Then he said I was being a pest and he didn't let me talk. Anyway he has talked to me since Easter where he seemed kind of normal (Like he always use to say my name when we talked & text he did that a lot) so I thought things would be fine.

But now I was wondering what's up with him...he hasn't contacted me since and I stopped trying a while back. Even if he came back I don't think I would date him. But I don't see why he decided he doesn't care about me after stating all his feelings me. Him calling me a pest was weird because I called/text him less than when he called me every other day.

Here's my question: Do any of you understand where he is coming from? Or a least understand my confusion?


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  • why do you care? You didn't like him like that... he moved on

    • Yeah I did like him or I wouldn't care

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  • Yes! I do. I can see where it went wrong too. It doesn't seem like he was into you for the right reasons, good job on turning him down fr sex! I'm sure you still have feelings for the guy too, but if he's not talking after that then either his intentions are clear or he got really embarrased. I'd find and corner him and talk things out the proper way. Communication is honestly your ticket to finding things out, and if he won't speak try his friends I'm sure they'll know something.

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