Don't know how to act on a date, advice?

well long story short I will end up liking a guy and we will go on a date but it becomes really awkward because I don't want to say or do anything that makes me sound/look stupid or embarass myself so I usually don't say/do anything at all until he does. I just don't know how to act and I need help. any suggestions?


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  • You've got to accept that we all look foolish sometimes and if you try to protect yourself from that by not risking any words or actions, you will miss out on your life. The good things that happen occur because people take risks. I can't tell you how great it is when you find the person who appreciates those times when you say or do something that's unintentionally funny. You only find those people by basically f*cking up.

    Also, anyone who would stop talking to you or dating you because of a single awkward thing you did or said is not worth investing any more time in. The only way you'll feel happy and comfortable in a good relationship is by being yourself. Just be you and think before you speak. That's all you can do.


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  • Just be yourself. If the guy is not going to like you for who you are it is not even worth trying to act cool. Trust me I have been in your situation many times and it can get really weird. Just be bold be yourself and the rest will come to you